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Kid’s Furniture Made of Rubberwood

Rubberwood, also referred to as parawood or plantation hardwood, is a product of the rubber tree that’s grown as a source of natural rubber in countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Brazil. Rubberwood is among the most environmentally friendly wood species in the world because the majority of these trees have been grown in renewable rubber plantations. When the trees stop producing latex sap that is the raw material for the world’s rubber, they are cut down to viable hard wood timber, and fresh rubber trees are then planted to replace them. The end result is a durable, attractive, exotic hardwood for making all sorts of furniture, including child’s furniture.

Rubberwood is a distant cousin to our national maple from which much of our best hardwood child’s toys and furniture are created. While rubberwood is technically a difficult wood, it ought to be considered a reasonably hard wood which is softer than walnut, oak, and walnut, and much more comparable in hardness to black cherry, ash and walnut. Like the other hardwood, rubberwood has higher density and durability compared to softwood like pine and fir.

The first article of rubberwood furniture my wife and I bought was a dinning room table and chairs made in Malaysia that we bought when our kids were very young, about 20 years back. This rubberwood merchandise has functioned well all the years that our children were growing up in our house and still looks as beautiful today as the day we first brought it home from the shop. We fully anticipate using this identical furniture set in retirement and finally passing it on to one of our kids. The only issue with our rubberwood furniture will be deciding which one of these children is going to be the lucky one to get it. Child’s furniture made from rubberwood is of superior material which enables a keepsake item to be passed down for generations.

Cleaning and caring for rubberwood furniture isn’t any different for furniture made from other hardwood material. Here are some tips for helping your furniture look great for several years. Avoid leaving your furniture in the path of humidifiers, heating and cooling vents, and direct sun for extended periods. These steps can help to preserve the integrity of your furniture end which then protects the beauty of your rubberwood product.

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