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The Reason Why You Need To Read This Book

There was a time when humans could live without the internet. It was not a crutch on which the entire day depended from ordering grocery to calling a cab to searching the meaning of something new. The present generation has been spoilt with luxury. Electricity, healthcare, fine dining, daily victuals, technology are things that the people of today take for granted. They are not rough and tough like the people of early 50’s and so. If a catastrophe hit today, we would be blundering about clueless as to how to tackle a hard time. The book The Lost Ways by Claude Davis is a guide for the privileged generation to hack their way in times of crisis. You can Click Here to Read more about it.

If you think a book will not be needed if war, economic breakdown, epidemic or any other crisis occurs because you could just search it on, think again. Will the internet be working in the event of a catastrophe? Will one have access to a gadget to connect to the internet? This book takes away such roadblocks to the knowledge needed for survival. Written by Claude Davis, a survival expert, he has decades of experience in living life without the privileges others deem necessary to survival. He has a very blunt approach to giving out information and has detailed varied methods of survival. The crux of the book is not only to help the reader survive in times of crisis but to thrive and live happily as our ancestors did centuries back.

Every chapter of the book is loaded with practical information that teaches the reader a skill needed to take care of oneself and a family unit of a human-made or natural catastrophe should occur. Because every chapter tackles critical survival information, it is important to read the entire 350 long page book and not skim it. Some of the topics that the book details are water and food – the two essentialities of life. By reading it, one will learn not only how to collect safe drinking water but also to preserve it for future use. This will help in a situation of environmental crisis like a drought. For food, the book tells you how to preserve and make dense food that has a lot of nutritional value and can last a long, long time without the need of storing it in a cold refrigerated place.

Another topic that the book expounds on is hunting. It gives information on how to hunt for prey for all twelve months. It also teaches you to set traps rather than just do active hunting. To further this education the guide also details ways to cook fish, meat and other things that have been hunted. One can even build his/her very own smokehouse by reading the guide, brew their own beer or alcohol and bake bark bread. The guide will also put a roof over your head when there are no homes to be found. It teaches ways to build strong and sturdy houses under the ground that keep you safe. The houses are even big enough to home about five familial units.

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